Obedience School for Dogs – Necessary or Just Another Scam?

by JJ The Dog Guy on December 21, 2010

There are many advocates for obedience school for dogs and of course those who think that they are complete scam. After reading this article you will be able to make an informed opinion of your own on the subject.

By definition, an obedience school for dogs is a place that dog owners take their pets to learn how to behave properly.

With many obedience schools in the market there are undoubtedly varied training methods but they all fall into one of two broad categories.

Positive Reinforcement

  • Praise
  • Food rewards
  • Toy rewards
  • Physical affection

Negative Reinforcement

  • Punishment
  • Choke collars
  • Shock Collars
  • Chemical compounds
  • Confinement


The costs for obedience school vary depending on your involvement and other factors. If you are willing to attend a group obedience class the cost might be as cheap as $20 per lesson. On the other hand if you require a trainer to come to your home and train your pet individually you might end up spending quite a bit more. Last but not least if you send your pet away to a doggie campus for training the cost could literally be thousands of dollars.

While you may spend days researching the internet to find the best obedience school for dogs are you really sure that you want to send your pet away until it is conditioned to behave properly?

The truth is that unless your dog is going to fill a specialized role such as a service dog, guard dog, attack dog, drug dog, or movie actor you do not need an obedience school for dogs at all.

Dogs might be centuries removed from their wolf ancestors but they have retained some of the natural instincts of their wilder cousins. The most important of these instincts is that of the pack. If you know how to use the pack mentality of your pet you will have very little difficulty training him. When you learn how to train your pet they will learn much more quickly than attending an obedience school for dogs and you will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Using a natural training or pack method you will establish a set of rules that your dog lives by. Your pet will learn its place in the pack order, to obey you without question, look to you for guidance in every situation and much more. Using this method along with your patience and consistency will all but guarantee that you have the best-behaved and most lovable dog in your neighborhood.

The Natural Dog Training Blueprint is a cost effective method that will teach you how to become the “Pack Leader”, giving you the insight and knowledge to teach your dog to behave exactly as you want them to without any negative reinforcement in a humane way. Do your research, but you will not find a better system and your pet will never need to attend an obedience school for dogs.

Is obedience school for dogs a scam or not? You will need to decide that for your self but in our opinion, scam or not, they are unnecessary.

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